• Lib dem 2017
    Article: Apr 19, 2017

    General Election 2017!

    She's only gone and done it! After protesting 7 times (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39628533 ) that there would be no early General Election, Theresa May has gone back on her word and called an election for June 8. Luckily, Lib Dems have been preparing for this moment since David Cameron resigned nearly a year ago.

    Brussels and Europe Lib Dems have a plan (a real plan - not one of David Davis' fictitious plans) to maximise the vote of UK citizens in the EU 27 and support target seats back home.

    However, you may be asking: What can I do right now?

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  • Article: Feb 27, 2017

    Brussels and Europe Liberal Democrats (BELD)

    2017 National Coordinators

    If you are a member of the Liberal Democrat party and wish to become a national coordinator in your country of residence abroad, please contact the BELD Vice-Chair, responsible for organising Lib Dems living in Europe outside the UK: George Cunningham, email: gfjcunningham@gmail.com.

  • Brexit and beyond
    Article: Feb 18, 2017

    Brussels and Europe Lib Dems (BELD) will be hosting an event at the Lib Dems' Spring Conference in York where we will discuss some of the post-referendum challenges confronting Brits living abroad.

    Speakers include:

    • Alistair Carmichael MP, Member of the Commons Select Committee for Exiting the EU;
    • Sue Wilson, Chair of Bremain in Spain;
    • Roger Casale, Founder and CEO, New Europeans.
  • Rachel Garrod
    Article: Feb 15, 2017

    An interview with our 1000th member, Rachel Garrod

    Since the referendum, BELD membership has almost tripled and shows no signs of stopping. We now have more members than ever before!

    To celebrate this landmark, we decided to interview our 1000th member, Spain-based Rachel Garrod:

    Hi Rachel! Thanks for joining us! What made you decide to become a member?

  • Article: Feb 13, 2017

    'Can I stay?' (please)
    Survey of 5000 Brits in the EU finds losing the right to reside is their biggest Brexit fear

    A survey of more than 5000 British citizens living in the EU has found that 4 out of 5 are worried that Brexit will strip them of their automatic right to live in their country of residence.

    The UK Government has consistently said it will not act unilaterally to guarantee the right of 3mn EU citizens to remain in the UK until it has agreement that the EU 27 will do the same for the estimated 1.2mn UK nationals living in the EU.

  • EU Flag
    Article: Jan 24, 2017

    The Brussels and Europe Liberal Democrats (BELD) welcome today's Supreme Court judgment to uphold the High Court's decision that the UK Parliament must be consulted before the Government triggers Article 50 to begin the process of the UK leaving the EU.

    In a majority judgment (8:3), the judges upheld the decision that rights embedded in the law by the 1972 European Communities Ac (which took the UK into what was then the European Community) cannot be removed by the government's royal prerogative powers. The ruling does not apply to the devolved nations.

  • Article: Jan 20, 2017

    The European Liberal Democrats group are conducting a survey to understand better how UK nationals living abroad would like to be better heard especially in relation to Brexit.

    With so many new and diverse members we'd like to know more about you, your views on Brexit and whether, as Brits in the EU, you feel your voice is being heard properly back home.
    So please could I ask you to take a bit of time to fill out this survey and let us know your thoughts?

  • [aris
    Article: Jan 20, 2017

    Galvanised by the explosion in party membership over the past year, BELD is in the process of decentralising through establishing national party branches across Europe!

    These are being founded by our enthusiastic and energetic new members. We hope that the national branches will provide better opportunities for current and prospective members to channel their energies in opposing Brexit and its harmful consequences.

  • agm photo 2
    Article: Dec 8, 2016

    Last week BELD held its annual general meeting. George Cunningham, BELD chair for 2016, gave his annual report. The 2017 committee, led by our new chair, Laura Shields, will assume position on the 01/01/17.

    Political Events in 2016

    2016 certainly lived up to its billing as the Year of the Fire Monkey - mischievous, chaotic and uncertain. There were two tremendous upsets: a 52:48% vote by the British public on 23rd June in favour of Brexit, followed by the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States on 8th November.

  • Freddie van Mierlo
    Article: Sep 13, 2016

    BELD members maintain close ties to their home constituencies in the UK. In the 2015 General Election 5 BELD members stood for the House of Commons as PPCs for their respective constituencies up and down the country. From Fylde in Lancashire, down to Wealden in Sussex, BELD members continue to make the case in their communities for an open Britain that embraces trade and increased cooperation with the rest of Europe.