Our Parliamentary Candidates

September 13, 2016 8:52 AM

BELD members maintain close ties to their home constituencies in the UK. In the 2015 General Election 5 BELD members stood for the House of Commons as PPCs for their respective constituencies up and down the country. From Fylde in Lancashire, down to Wealden in Sussex, BELD members continue to make the case in their communities for an open Britain that embraces trade and increased cooperation with the rest of Europe.

If you would like further information on how become a candidate please contact freddievanmierlo@uklibdems.eu


27 July 2016

Fylde Liberal Democrats are delighted to announce Freddie van Mierlo as the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Fylde in the case of a snap election.

Freddie campaigned hard during the EU referendum in favour of Remain, and will stand on a pro-EU, progressive platform, advocating for greater environmental protection, including a ban on fracking, social inclusion and for the rights of EU migrants living in Fylde.

Freddie is supporting More United, a new cross party movement that recognises we are stronger when we work together with our friends and allies internationally.

Freddie said: "I am delighted to have been selected as parliamentary candidate for my home constituency of Fylde. In the 2015 General Election and in the EU referendum, I sought to make the case for a liberal, fair Britain that is open, international and inclusive. While respecting the result of the referendum, I will be the pro-EU candidate and will campaign to maintain Britain's place as a leader in Europe".

Lancashire county councilor Bill Winlow said: "Theresa May is now tasked with dealing with the consequences of the vote to leave the EU, without having sought a direct mandate from the British people. LibDems believe that there should be a General Election sooner, rather than later. We are very pleased to have Freddie as our candidate again, who was widely credited for bringing maturity and balance to the 2015 election debates".

Freddie van Mierlo