BELD hits 1000!

February 15, 2017 4:50 PM

Rachel Garrod

An interview with our 1000th member, Rachel Garrod

Since the referendum, BELD membership has almost tripled and shows no signs of stopping. We now have more members than ever before!

To celebrate this landmark, we decided to interview our 1000th member, Spain-based Rachel Garrod:

Hi Rachel! Thanks for joining us! What made you decide to become a member?

Hi! I've never joined a party before but I have voted for lib dems in numerous elections. I joined this time because of the stand on Brexit - arguing for a fairer response to a referendum that wasn't even legally binding sounds just to me. I also like the Lib Dems' position on immigration, and the desire to build a free and fair society.

What brought you to Spain?

This is predominately because my husband -who is older than me -wanted to retire in the sun essentially for the golf and the climate . As for me I liked the idea of a new life, warmer weather and a dog. I wasn't keen on leaving work but am enjoying the challenge of delivering private physio to expats here.

What are you looking for from the Liberal Democrats as a Brit in the EU?

I'd hope the Lib Dems will support our rights out here. As a result of Brexit we will have lost some given rights such as right to work, NHS reciprocal agreements, pension rights etc. We want to stay here, we are residents and tax payers here, we hope Lib Dems will fight to protect our rights to stay and work here.

Are you concerned about Brexit - if so in what way?

As mentioned above from a personal perspective I am concerned about the situation changing for the worse for Brits (and others) living in Spain. On a broader perspective I am concerned about the damage it will do to a joined up society, debilitating to the science and health worlds, result in a jingoistic attitude that will basically isolate Britain and perhaps even split England and Scotland. The Brexit approach seems selfish and lacking compassion - I'm not sure these are the attitudes we should be fostering today.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Keep fighting! As far as I am concerned, we are the only viable party - now let's go and get some more MPs!!!