2017 Snap Election - How you can help

April 19, 2017 10:36 AM

General Election 2017!

Lib dem 2017

She's only gone and done it! After protesting 7 times (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39628533 ) that there would be no early General Election, Theresa May has gone back on her word and called an election for June 8. Luckily, Lib Dems have been preparing for this moment since David Cameron resigned nearly a year ago.

Brussels and Europe Lib Dems have a plan (a real plan - not one of David Davis' fictitious plans) to maximise the vote of UK citizens in the EU 27 and support target seats back home.

However, you may be asking: What can I do right now?

1. Register to Vote!

If you have lived outside the UK for less than 15 years and are still registered there then you still have the right to vote from abroad (either by postal vote or proxy - proxies are strongly recommended).


Please make sure you register by the 28th April and encourage all eligible British friends and family living overseas to do the same.

Around 400,000 Brits abroad registered to vote for the EU Referendum, which was four times as many as for the 2015 General Election. But clearly this could be hugely improved upon, especially when there is so much at stake!

So don't assume people know about this...tell them, tell them and tell them again.. And get them to check if they are on the register.

2. Make your Voice Heard

We know that voting rights are a hugely sensitive issue for those of you who were unable to vote during the Referendum on account of the 15 year rule. And it seems cruel and unfair that many of you may be denied this opportunity AGAIN. Please sign and share this petition and this letter from New Europeans demanding the restoration of your votes in time for the General Election.

It's Lib Dem policy and always has been that all Brits should have votes for life, wherever they live.

3. Donate


4. Telephone Canvass (members only)

Telephone banking is critical to any good by election campaign. It be done easily and cheaply from abroad. Canvassing by telephone:

- Provides real time data on how a campaign is going
- Identifies our supporters and saves volunteers time
- Identifies people willing to have a garden sign
- Reminds people to vote

We'll be sending more information on target seats soon. First step though is to set up a Connect account. To do so just email Freddie, our campaigns head - freddievanmierlo@uklibdems.eu

We'll be updating you more in due course but please get in touch if you want to volunteer.

Let's get ready for the fight of our lives.

Laura Shields
Chair, Brussels and Europe Lib Dems (Chief European Remoaner)
@mediawhizz @brusselslibdem